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Our Transport Manager introduction video gives an overview of the resources you will have access to if you purchase one of our Transport Manager online courses.

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Become a national and internationally qualified transport manager in road haulage or passenger transport operations, progress your career and reap the rewards!

What is the Online Transport Manager course?

Our online Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) course is designed to maximise your opportunity to pass first time.

This qualification is designed for individuals who want to become Transport Managers, or demonstrate their professional competence to meet the requirements when applying for their ‘O’ (Operators) Licence.

The type of Transport Manager CPC qualification you need depends on the following:

  • road haulage – for goods vehicle operators, for example HGV or van companies
  • road passenger transport – for public service vehicle operators, for example bus or coach companies

You must pass both types of CPC exam if you want to manage both types of vehicle, you do not need a driving licence to qualify and whilst you can take the exams at 16 or 17 years of age it should be noted that the Traffic Commissioners in Great Britain have confirmed it is unlikely anyone under the age of 18 would be seen as an appropriate transport manager for the purposes of satisfying the professional competence requirements to hold or apply for of an operators’ licence.

How do we help you pass?

Following the success and popularity of delivering Driver CPC through the Zoom Platform, we have also been running our Transport Manager Courses Online for over 2 years with an impressive pass rate. An online version of our market leading traditional course is available via a revision course in the two weeks leading up to the course along with so much more:

  • Full time team of experienced instructors delivering our Transport Manager course online for 50 weeks of the year
  • 2000+ online teaching sessions each year (sessions range from 60 – 120 mins)
  • Multiple zoom lessons each week, ranging from early morning to late evening as well as Saturdays and Sundays
  • Online courses based upon methodology that has seen us grow to being the UK’s largest trainer of transport managers (previously the OCR transport manager course – now Skills and Education Group(SEG) – read more about SEG on our Course Content page)
  • Attend as many sessions as you like in the order that suits you
  • Online Question bank of 1000 multiple choice questions – sit as many practice tests as you like
  • Bespoke manual; A5 Keyfacts quick reference guide; Student Guide covering Syllabus & Exam Technique; Book of model answers to past case study papers
  • Online library of examiners comments and feedback from past 20 sittings
  • Voiced over presentations of all subjects to watch at your leisure
  • Animated past answers for the case study to help you pass those Transport Manager exams
  • Email support for those areas you need extra clarification with
  • Mock Exam Days
  • Several question sessions available each week to bring you closer to gaining the Transport Manager qualification

The resources above are much more than any one candidate will need to pass the Transport Manager exam. We have such an extensive offering because we teach such a wide range of candidates, with hugely different lifestyles and time constraints. We are confident we have what you will need to gain the Transport Manager qualification – but if you have any questions contact us on 0161 494 2836.

Irrespective of previous educational attainment, industry experience or whether English is your first language, Enterprise will give you all the tools you need to pass.

Online Transport Manager Courses

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Our Bespoke Study Materials

The Study Manual

Our bespoke 600-page Transport Management Handbook has been developed with you, the candidate at the forefront of our minds!

Rather than simply covering the syllabus points, our publication aims to provide a reference work that will support prospective transport managers throughout their career. The text has been ordered in a natural sequence so that each section flows logically from the previous one, and each concept is introduced in a context that aids understanding and retention. A full index and table of illustrations is provided to enable the reader to access detail quickly.

Key Facts

Breaking down the study manual into more manageable sections our Key Facts booklet runs alongside the main publication.

With a much smaller footprint it aims to give candidates a simplified version of each topic, ideal for those that want to study on the go!

Study Guide

The study Guide is designed to offer candidates a practical approach to answering questions commonly found in the Transport Manager exam’s.

Giving a structured step by step ‘how to’ view on questioning, it can invaluable in the ‘open book’ case study exam.

Model Answers

Our team of professional instructors have gone back through the back catalogue of past case study examinations and created a unique model answers booklet giving candidates the opportunity to view what would be the most ideal answer for every question given.

This should be used for reference purposes and also to help candidates test themselves on past examination papers.

To book your course visit our Book Now page and select the right course for you!

Transport Manager Exam Overview

Anyone wishing to operate goods vehicles for hire and reward both in the UK and abroad must obtain a standard international operator’s licence. To meet the professional competence requirements contained in the legislation a new entrant must gain the Operators’ Certificate of Professional Competence. You can gain your Operator CPC by passing the following exams.

1) Road haulage or passenger transport multiple choice

2) Road haulage or passenger transport case study

Multiple Choice Exam

The multiple choice exam consists of 60 questions. Students have up to 2 hours to complete the exam. The exam is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of basic facts covered across the course subject. The pass mark is normally 42.

Case Study Exam

This exam lasts for two and a quarter hours and candidates are permitted to take paper-based reference material into the exam (also known as ‘open book’). Candidates are given information about a transport company; they must read and analyse the information. They are then asked to answer around 6 questions relating to the company. Whilst there are no absolutes, generally 50% of the paper is spent on three core areas Operator Licensing, Drivers’ Hours (Scheduling) and Vehicle Costing. The other 50% of the exam is less predictable and selects topics from other areas of the syllabus.

Enterprise Transport Training also offer the following courses – Driver CPC, ADR, DGSA, Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) and Transport Manager Refresher. Click here for further information.